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If you missed Tracy Morgan and Hannibal Buress last night at 92Y, Grantland has highlights:

On the (very important) question of white people using the N-word at karaoke.
Buress: “You can’t pick a song that’s [N-word] heavy. Like, Kanye’s ‘All of the Lights’ is OK. But YG’s ‘My N—a’ you should avoid.”
Morgan: “When you drinking at the karaoke spot, know how many [N-Words] are in the song.”
On the Brooklyn Nets
Morgan: “If you’re a Nets, Mets, or Jets fan, you probably have low self-esteem.”
On Buress writing for 30 Rock
Morgan: “It was just you and a sea of white dudes.”
Buress: “We had an Indian dude.”
On the 92nd Street Y
Morgan: “I didn’t even know this shit was here! Is this the Upper East Side or what? This is where the good cocaine is.”
On side businesses
Buress: “I want to open a Jamba Juice.”
On performing for white audiences
Morgan: “That’s why I wear a watch. Because if white people see me wearing a watch they feel like they can trust me.”

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The good cocaine is at the McDonald’s below the J/M/Z train at Marcy Ave.



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